Sunward Bound Surf Hat Siena

Born and bred right here on the east coast of Australia

Sunward Bound was born and bred right here on the east coast of Australia.  After spending a few years overseas chasing snow seasons I returned to Australia and fell instantly in love with surfing and everything it offers. After copping some terrible sunburns I decided to buy myself a hat, but found there were such limited colour options on the market. So why not make my own! As a happy soul and lover of all things colourful, i wanted to create a hat that stands out in a sea of black wetsuits.

And thats how Sunward Bound was born!



We are committed to looking after mother nature

We are committed to looking after this planet and its many beautiful oceans so are doing as much as we can to help a bit along the way.

We are proud partners of Hero Packaging, Every hat purchase will come in fully compostable and recyclable packaging (even the label) to ensure we are doing our bit and not contributing to landfill. Hero packs break down fully in your home compost in 90-120 days.


We are in the process of developing a completely sustainable and recyclable hat, but want to make sure this is perfect and will stand the test of time, sun and waves before we release to you guys! This is something we hope to have by winter this year so stay tuned.

Our hats are made in China by a company who is BSCI certified, and has passed all their fair work trade audits. This is to ensure we are not supporting factories that condone slave or child labour. All workers are paid above average, recieve multiple holidays per year and display ethical business behaviours.