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The Sunny

Springsuits designed to make you feel like sunshine inside and out





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The Sunny

Our new springsuit range to help you feel like your most empowered self

The Sunny Springsuits

As people who love to spend their time playing in the oceans and great outdoors, we know how important it is to feel your most confident self. Because when your feeling your best, you glow from the inside out.

So we've designed the perfect springsuit to help you embody your most empowered version of yourself.

Featuring buttery soft 2mm ecoprene, long sleeves for sun protection and warmth, form fitting to your curves, and in our signature patterns and prints.


As lovers of the sea, the summer and the great outdoors we spend a lot of time in the sunshine. Whilst we love her warming rays, they can be detrimental to our skin and eye health.

Here at Sunward Bound we’ve come up with the perfect solution to keep your face and eyes safely covered whilst still being able to enjoy the ocean, and look good.



In Australia we are lucky enough to enjoy sunshine year round! But this also means we have the highest rates of melanoma in the world.

These rates are higher still within the surf community with a surfer 3 times more likely to get melanoma than the average non surfer. With the largest percentage of skin cancers on the face!



Water can reflect up to 10% more UV radiation than it does on land which is why the glare off the water is so harsh on a sunny day.

Wearing a hat whilst surfing has been proven to reduce the amount of UV rays reaching your eyes by up to 50% and therefore reducing your risk of contracting surfers eye (Pterigum).

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Lauren Matthew @llaurenelliott
— Wore mine for the first time today, passed the wipeout test, kept my hair out of my face even after bombing out - something that really drives me mad!! I got out and my hair was so much less tangled than usual. Saaa Good.
Sunward bound - review surf hat
Customer reviews
Stephanie Jamgochian
— I bought three of your surf hats a few months ago for myself and my twin 17-year-old daughters. They are awesome! We really love your hats, especially on blazing hot southern California summer days! They perform better than any surf hat that I've ever worn and they never impede your vision while paddling into the wave. I also like that the brim is solid all the way and not floppy in the back. It gives just the right amount of sun coverage without limiting your view. Every time I wear one of your hats, I get inquiries and comments about "where did you get that hat?!"
Customer reviews
Manon _ @manondelhuma 
— Best surf hat I ever had 🌞 ! From the look to the technical part ! I can look at the waves coming without blinking ! Will take it all over the world for my next trips ! Cheers from France 🇫🇷 
Sunward bound - testimonial surfing hat
Customer reviews
Chloe Donahue @surf_fit_goldcoast @chloedon
— Surf tested my new @sunward.bound surf hat! It passed with flying colours. So comfy and the stiff brim was awesome when rolling under waves! Didn’t come off once or get in my eyes! Stoked to have the cutest hat in the lineup 🌻🌻🌻
Sunward bound - Best surf hat Australia
Customer reviews
Alicia Jane @Aliciaa.jane
— Obsessed! So Stoked on this surf hat. Didn’t get sunburnt at all over the long weekend surfing 3 hour sessions daily & also didn’t loose it despite copping a few sets on the head 🙌🏼
Sunward bound - Surf accessories review
Customer reviews
Michelle Stokes _ @homesewn_kauai
— Seriously the best surf hat I’ve ever had and it’s Super cute, amazing!! I’ve had some really good wipeouts in this hat and it still stays on my head! A 10 ⭐️ rating from me
Sunward bound - Sunflower surf hat testimonial
Customer reviews
Courtney Rule @courtney.rules
— Not only can I go on about how amazing Sunward Bound surf hats are, how they don’t fall off in the surf, are comfy and cute, I could also talk forever about how amazing the brand and person behind it all is too. Not only are you going to own possibly the only functional and cute surf hat ever, you’ll also be supporting a beautiful small biz with socially conscious values 🤍
Sunward bound - Surfing hat reviews Australia