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As lovers of the sea, the summer and the great outdoors we spend a lot of time in the sunshine. Whilst we love her warming rays, they can be detrimental to our skin and eye health.

Here at Sunward Bound we’ve come up with the perfect solution to keep your face and eyes safely covered whilst still being able to enjoy the ocean, and look good.


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Protects Your Face

In Australia we are lucky enough to enjoy sunshine year round! But this also means we have the highest rates of melanoma in the world.

These rates are higher still within the surf community with a surfer 3 times more likely to get melanoma than the average non surfer. With the largest percentage of skin cancers on the face!

Protects Your Eyes

Water can reflect up to 10% more UV radiation than it does on land which is why the glare off the water is so harsh on a sunny day.

Wearing a hat whilst surfing has been proven to reduce the amount of UV rays reaching your eyes by up to 50% and therefore reducing your risk of contracting surfers eye (Pterigum).


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